About Us

 Clients rave about Suzanna Grace.  

“Nothing short of miraculous…”

At the age of three and a half, my four year old Wheaten Terrior Bruno developed a limp that was diagnosed as bilateral elbow dysplasia.  Bruno underwent surgery on both elbows and went through a period of rest for three months that included various anti-inflammatory medicine both steroid and steroid.  Bruno still limped…

I was at my wit’s end on how to help Bruno when I was recommended to Suzanna by a local veterinarian.  Suzanna began using a variety of techniques including: massage, water therapy, structural corrections, and muscle repair.

Today three months after meeting Suzanna, Bruno is like a new dog!  He does not limp, he wants to play, walk, run, and have fun, his posture is much improved and he is able to enjoy his life.  After seeing Suzanna’s accomplishments with Bruno, I am a firm believer in her methods…”

Aaron Slater

“I thank my lucky stars that Jake and I found you…”

Suzanna, I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience today!  You are a fabulous human being.  You have helped Jake so much and I appreciate all the time you have taken out of your busy day to explain things to me.  Jake’s emotional and spiritual progress have been amazing, thanks to you. You are an angel!

Lauren Lent

“I was amazed with the results”.

I was so impressed with the therapy Suzanna Grace provided for my horse that I asked her to work on my pony.  During the first session Ms. Grace conducted, I was amazed with the results.  The pony had arrived at my facility suffering from an injury that did not allow her to walk correctly.  Ms. Grace was able to correct her gait and alleviate her discomfort.

Terri Jennings, Ph.D.   Licensed Psychologist (PY 6802 Fl)

“She sets the standard of care for other therapists.”

Suzanna is an incredible therapist.  She is compassionate, competent, and absolutely dedicated to her profession.  She has made amazing strides with very difficult rehabilitation cases under our care and is quite an asset to our practice.”

Joyce Loeser, DVM

“We cannot recommend or thank Suzanna enough…”

As with all dog lovers, we consider our 10 year old, 65 lb. flat coated retriever mix Sophie to be an integral part of our family.  So once we found out that she was suffering from arthritis and other hip and back problems, we needed someone to lead us in the right direction to alleviate her pain…

You could tell as soon as Suzanna put her hands on Sophie that Suzanna was deeply caring and intuitive to our dog’s needs.  We started with three sessions weekly… following Suzanna’s advice, Sophie progressed dramatically.  Sophie is not limping or favoring her back end at all.  She is a very strong and healthy girl, thanks to Suzanna.

Sophie has always been frightened of the water;  Suzanna got Sophie into the pool with a life jacket at first and then coaxed her with treats.  She is now a water-loving dog who acts more like a puppy in the pool.  Since swimming is such a wonderful non-weight bearing exercise, it has proven to be a tremendous asset to Sophie’s overall well-being.

Skip and Marilyn Horn

“Your work has been having a profound effect.”

Jasmine swam in our pond all on her own.  This may not seem monumental except that she doesn’t even like going in the pool.  It is like she is blossoming with all the attention and focus on her. Thank you for all your work – it is having a profound effect.

L. Solana